Lysine Deficiency In Human Body Causes Fatigue

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Lysine Deficiency In Human Body Causes Fatigue

Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are the main components of good nutrition. Amino acids are a building block of proteins and are the basis for growth, development and maintenance of the body.

The human organism is capable of synthesizing most amino acids, but not all. Those that can not be synthesized, known as essential amino acids, should be obtained through food. Lysine is one of these acids – indispensable and necessary.

L-lysine Functions in the Human Body

The lysine functions are varied. The compound, along with another amino acid, methionine, allows the body to produce carnitine, a substance that makes body fat transformed into energy.

Lysine also plays a role in the synthesis of collagen – a substance of utmost importance for the skin, bones, tendons and joints.


Women, as well as men, need 1 gram of lysine per day. However, this amount is not sufficient if there is prolonged physical or sports activity. Without sufficient amounts of lysine, muscles recover more slowly during exercise, fatigue occurs faster, and stretches, burns and cuts of wound heal more slowly and often leave more visible scars.

Lysine influences the strength of calcium absorption and lowers cholesterol.

Lysine’s Protective Benefits

The amino acid also has a pronounced protective function. It prevents the replication of herpes viruses, which shortens the infectious process and lowers the chances of subsequent disease.

Lysine Deficiency Results in Chronic Fatigue!

Lysine deficiency leads to chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, dizziness, hormonal imbalance, slow metabolism, and increased risk of developing kidney stones. Serious complications are rare, most often sufferers of lysine deficiency are predominantly prepaid and fast-fed.

The main sources of lysine are: red meat, cod fish, chicken meat, eggs, sardines, nuts, dairy products, soybeans, legumes and bananas. Lysine-containing food supplements should only be taken after consultation with a physician, as they may pose a risk of kidney damage and interactions with medicinal products.
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