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lysine fatigue

Lysine Deficiency In Human Body Causes Fatigue

Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are the main components of good nutrition. Amino acids are a building block of proteins and are the basis for growth, development and maintenance of the body. The human organism is capable of synthesizing most amino acids, but not all. Those that can not be synthesized, known as essential amino acids, should be obtained through food. Lysine is one of these acids - indispensable and necessary. L-lysine Functions in the Human Body The lysine functions are varied. The [...]

atopic dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis In Children & What To Know

Atopic dermatitis is one of the most common diseases in babies and young children. According to statistics, the percentage of children with this diagnosis varies between 10 and 20 in different countries. Most of the time this disease is growing, but in almost ¼ of the patients the symptoms also manifest in adulthood. How to Recognize Atopic Dermatitis The first symptoms of the disease usually occur several days after birth. The skin is extremely dry and with a rough surface. There [...]

Types Of Children’s Bacterial Illness To Recognize Them & To React Properly

Winter is traditionally the season in which outbreaks of measles appear again. They are particularly prevalent in nurseries and gardens, where a greater number of children are in close contact with each other. Varicella Varicella is another of the most contagious diseases in general, but with few exceptions and compliance with some rules, it passes harmlessly. Approximately 90% of all uninfected chickenpox gets ill when in contact with a patient or carrier. Disease passes more easily in children than in adults, [...]


Effective June 30, 2014, Dr. Scott Engum and his family moved to Fargo, ND where Dr. Engum is actively building a pediatric surgical practice in the Sanford Health System.  He will begin providing care to children in that area on July 28th.  We are excited that he has chosen to support a community that would not otherwise have pediatric surgical care.



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